Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dear Erika... (and friends)

Last week my blog friend Erika posted about gym fashion  and the comments were almost better than the post. Seriously funny and if you're a female who works out, go read it and laugh. It has spurred me on to ask my internet friends for some help in the workout gear department. 

I mostly like to work out in shorts and have one pair of capris that I like, which I picked up at Old Navy years ago. They are fitted, but aren't too tight, probably because of years of wear! I would like to add a few other pairs of capris into my wardrobe for cold days, but can't seem to find a pair I like. Even if you haven't tried on a pair of workout capris lately, surely you've at least seen ladies prancing around the stores doing their grocery shopping and realize that those suckers are TIGHT. Like, accentuate every single curve or ripple or cellulite spot hiding in those pants. (Though I will say they're typically black pants, so at least the cellulite looks thinner!) 

Now, when I'm going to work out class, I'm working out with our church members, so I'm slightly more aware of what I'm wearing and try to not wear anything that would cause people to raise some eyebrows. Are there any workout capris that you can actually work out in but yet aren't too tight for the youth minister's wife?  You should know I am not hard core enough to want to spend big bucks on pants, so I'm looking for like Old Navy, Target, etc. so they won't break the budget.  (Unless these pants don't exist at those places. Then I might have a problem!) 

So to my gym fashionistas out there, can you point me to some good capris? My workout gear thanks you!

In closing, let me share this awesome story that happened at our workout class last week. The new year has brought several new members to our class. I am considered a youngin' in the class and we've had even more older folks join. Thursday as we were getting started to start the exercises, our instructor ran to start the music (which we don't normally have) and then came back to make this announcement: "Let me be crude for a moment.... the purpose of the music is two fold: one, because I like it, and two, to cover up your toots!" Y'all. I am still laughing about it. And it is so true! Apparently once you get to a certain age and you start jumping around, you just can't keep it in! 


  1. WOOOO!!! I love being called in for a consultation!!! ;) Alright. I hope I can help. For sure the EXTRATIGHT pants you are seeing are compression pants (or capris, shorts, etc.). The 'compression' aspect is what makes them SUPERDUPER tight, cellulite-enhancing, PANTYLINE enhancing (ahem), and...also supposedly helps your muscles or something to work better? But I can't really speak to that. I just know they're REALLY SUPER TIGHT. (I did buy my first pair a few weeks ago. I've worn them a few times and can attest to them being insanely tight and revealing. No evidence yet as to whether they help me work out better. I think they're mostly effective for like...long distance runners. Not sure they're really a necessity for 30 min on the elliptical or a step aerobics class...) So my professional advice is to stay AWAY from the compression feature. You probably don't need it and you definitely present good reasons for not wanting it. I also do all of my workout clothes shopping at Target and ON, so I can confirm that they still carry plenty of options that are NOT compression. You will probably be fine in regular 'fitted' workout tights, but you could also go with a 'semi-fitted' leg if that made you feel better. And of course, if you wear a longer top that comes down a little over the booty, you'll be a little less self-conscious. I love the bubble tanks that are easy to find everywhere right now-- cute AND not remotely skintight. A nice contrast to a more fitted bottom.

    SO! Hope that this helps!! Good luck keeping that tooting under control, too...sorry I don't have any tips to help with that issue!! ;)

  2. I had to start going to the gym this year after some weird health stuff and I immediately googled what to wear to the gym. That was more important than gym etiquette was to me!

    My favorite workout pants are from (drumroll please...) Target! Actually, I love al their workout stuff. And if you wait long enough, they go on clearance or you can get coupons from the store or the Cartwheel app.

    I have these - http://www.target.com/p/c9-by-champion-women-s-fitted-knee-pant-black/-/A-14232582?reco=Rec%7Cpdp%7C14232582%7CClickEV%7Citem_page.vertical_1&lnk=Rec%7Cpdp%7CClickEV%7Citem_page.vertical_1
    They are fitted but not skin tight. Very comfy and wash beautifully. And cheap! I've been so happy with my Target C9 purchases. I have been just as happy with their items as I am with the pricer ones from Nike.

    I've also found these at Marshall's for 16 bucks (but the sale price of 18 is pretty good too). http://www.newbalance.com/Fitness-Capri/886350222541,default,pd.html?start=22&q=capri
    Really nice and not nearly as fitted as the photos.

    Happy workout!


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