Sunday, January 19, 2014

ring ring

yall, we have had one heck of a weekend that I can't wait to tell you about, but I'm so tired and sore from it I can't type that much.  so here's a funny little bit to tide you over until then.

we have a big event coming up this weekend called community 40 (c40) which is basically a community wide disciple now. cody and the other youth ministers have been diligently planning for months to make it a great event. while working on it tonight, cody realized that the online registration form didn't include the t-shirt size, so i volunteered to call the 130+ names on the list to help him out.

my first phone call tipped us off to the fact that something was up, as the grandmother said she no longer lived there because she's at a girls home. thankfully she called it like it was (awkward) and let me off the hook!

that lad us to discover that the list still included all of last years names. ugh. after some digging we found the date and got the right list. my calls went a little smoother after that, with the exception of the following:

when i asked for tanya, with an a.  and she abruptly corrected me with tonya. sorry. apparently that "a" is silent.

having to ask what sizes siblings anna and hanna would like. (why so similar? did you like the name that much you basically wanted to use it twice??)

having to explain to a dad that i can't write down that his son wears a size 14. we're offering s, m, l. 

trying to figure out how to pronounce a name (bergandi) before making the call. wondering why some one would name their kid ber-gAHN-dee. ber-gAHN- dee. i might have repeated it to myself about ten times before it hit me: burgundy. 

what can i say?  i'm tired. 

(seriously though - bergandi?)

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