Saturday, January 25, 2014

Six on Saturday

1. poor cody has been working his booty off to help plan our comminuty 40 this weekend. it's basically a city wide disciple now with over 200 kids attending. the kicker this year is that all of the youth ministers are new in town, so they've been a little bit overwhelmed with trying to get everything taken care of while living up to the expectations of previous years. it seems to be going great so far and cody hasn't crashed from exhaustion, so i'd call that a win!

(ask me again on monday though. i'm sure cody will sleep all of next week!) 

2.  griff will turn seventeen months on tuesday and is such a ham these days. he is learning a new word just about every day and can occasionally (with a little prompting by mom) put two words together. nothing life changing, but "gogurt pease" is the cutest phrase i think i've ever heard. other words include:

thank you
two (which he knows comes after one, but he won't say one!) 
toast (which he asks for any time he wakes up, morning or nap time!)

he can also answer with the correct sound when asked what do these animals say:
tiger (roar! in the softest, sweetest, high pitched voice you can imagine)
puppy -woo woo
sheep - baa
cow- moo
duck - quack quack
train - choo choo

it is so much fun to be able to interact with him more. he keeps me on my toes every single day!

3.  i have officially gone five full days with carbs. and i haven't died yet. considering that i passed up sister schubert rolls and the most delicious iced cookies on wednesday night, plus all of the pizza, sweets and snacks at c40 today, i am feeling like a rock star. 

(a rock star who really wants a roll.) 

i am participating in an online bible study for the book made to crave, which is partially what has inspired this. it surprisingly really hasn't been the worst thing in the world and i'm impressed to see that i do in fact still possess some will power. (it hasn't been used in so long i assumed it just disappeared.)

4. i did get some good feedback on work out clothes and picked up a pair of adidas pants at ross for ten dollars. i'm going to be honest, i plan on wearing them around the house and trying out some moves before cutting the tag off, but they seem hopeful! 

5. i am slowly in the process of getting our kitchen put back together. i saw slowly because we still have to attach hardware so i'm going to have to unpack drawers again as a part of that process. but, i did have a moment of divine inspiration this week when i realized my fiesta ware cups fit in a bottom drawer that previously was used for a few odds and ends that had no other place in my kitchen.

come on. doesn't looking in that drawer just make you smile?

6.  griff's got moves. i die.

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