Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIWW: Bad Selfie Edition

Welcome back for WIWW! I at least did a little bit better at actually documenting my outfits this week, though I had to resort to a bad selfie or two to make it happen. Here's what this week included:

Wednesday: Happy Birthday To Me!


dress: Loft
shoes: j. roberts in ruidoso, nm

I didn't really have big plans for our birthday since it was a normal Wednesday, but I believe birthdays are just better when you feel cute! This is a new dress I picked up at Loft this summer and I think it is going to be my new go to. Plus, it will look great with layers and boots to carry into the fall!

Thursday: Zoo Trip & Family Day


maxi dress: target

I didn't get to take a full length shot of my outfit. I have seriously had this dress at least 4-5 years. At one point during the day I asked Cody if it was time for me to get rid of it because mentally I know how old and worn it is. Later that day when shopping though, a lady stopped me and said, "I have that same dress! It's my favorite!" We then had a quick discussion about how much we both love it even though it so old and has carried both of us through pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy bodies. Knowing that some one out there is still rocking this dress makes it acceptable for me to keep wearing it! :) 

Friday Night: Football Game


dress: ross
sunglasses: loft
bracelet: a new to me splurge from lisa leonard

Honestly, I spent most of Friday in shorts and a tank, working at stuff at the church with Cody and doing projects around the house. But I did at least fancy up for our first home football game. This outfit also confirmed why I quit wearing necklaces with most of my outfits. I know they usually need it, but I try to save them for special events/ church days because I have a little friend who is very interested in what momma is wearing. Which is why this necklace came home broken and confirmed that I shouldn't be too attached to the jewelry I wear!

Sunday: Church


dress: ivy jane via a small town store 
boots: nine west via dsw

it was 100% too early for me to truly break out the boots. I was burning up in our house and outside. lucky for me though, our church is always freezing, so I was the perfect temperature there! I will have to wait until october to start wearing them more regularly with texas temps, but it was fun for one day!

Monday: Labor day With Friends


top and jeans: loft
flip flops: reef

we had some of our good friends who made the hour trip down from abilene to come spend the day with us. it was a much needed refresher day and we had such a great time!

Tuesday: Errands in Abilene & Bad Selfies



dress: loft

Griff had his 1 year appointment on Tuesday and I had a few errands I needed to accomplish, so I went cute but oh so super comfy! 

check out the pleated poppy for more wiww!

pleated poppy


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