Monday, September 2, 2013

Birthday Fun!

Last week we packed as much birthday fun as we could into our last three days! We started out our birthday morning by taking Griff to have his first sweet treat:



Sweet boy had more fun checking out the regulars and flirting with the manager so there was no time for him to stop for a smile. {seriously. I have about 27 pictures on my camera trying to get a smile. no go!} Once the owners found out it was his birthday, they actually made us three sprinkled donuts to help with the celebration. Griff definitely enjoyed his first treat and I know we'll have more donut dates in our future!

Cody originally had work plans for lunch, but he was sweet enough to cancel in order to take Griff and I out.  He further proved his love to me by taking us to McDonalds, which is the worst fast food possible in his mind. {Sometimes I just want a Happy Meal, what can I say?!} Griff took a great nap that afternoon so I was able to make some cupcakes for us to take to youth group to continue on the celebration. Let me just brag a bit, because they turned out so pretty!

{I substituted milk for the water in the recipe and all of the kids raved about how great they were. Of course, it could be because they're back in school, hadn't had dinner yet and were starving, but I'm going to take it as a compliment to the recipe change!}

Thursday morning we got up and headed into Abilene to have a fun family day. We started out with Griff's first trip to the Abilene Zoo! {fun fact: the last time we were at the zoo was 2 days before I delivered Griff!}


I'm not going to say the trip was a dud, because Cody and I really enjoyed taking Griff and showing him the sights. However, Griff spent most of the time with a dazed look on his face and only seemed to perk up when we let him touch the fences! He did enjoy feeding the giraffes and looking at the turtles, but it was obvious that the fences were his favorite part, not the animals! Oh well :)  Cody and I enjoyed reminiscing on our last time there and spending time as a family and know that a day will come when G really enjoys it!

After our zoo trip, we headed off to meet up with one of my Abilene favorites: my hair dresser!  Everyone in the family got a nice cut, including Griffin's first hair cut!

I was definitely nervous about cutting some of his fly aways off and how he would behave, but he did a great job. He played with a water bottle the whole time and we were able to get some great pieces for his baby book. And, I didn't think it was possible, but his hair has even more character after getting it cut!


After our cuts we enjoyed a quick meal at Chick Fil A, I got to spend an hour wondering Hobby Lobby while the boys ran to Lowes and we finished up the day with a trip to Sam's for church stuff.  I knew we would end up in Sam's right at nap time, so I took a few props in hopes of making our shopping trip go more smoothly:


Yes, a pillow and blanket for Griff! He never fell asleep, but he did great for the two hours we were in there, so it was worth the extra effort!


We wrapped up our birthday by going to Griff's first Tiger football game on Friday night! I was SUPER NERVOUS about this, because kick off isn't even until Griff's bed time and he hadn't napped too well that day. Still, we donned our black and gold, put on our rally glasses and cheered loudly for the Tigers! Cody even caught a football for G after the first touch down!  G and I ended up making it till right before half time and then we headed home. Griff really did great and enjoyed himself... even if that meant that he spent the whole time playing with the chairs and crawling on the ground!

All in all it was a great birthday celebration. Lucky for us too, the fun continues this weekend when we celebrate with a party!


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