Monday, September 9, 2013

Welcome To Camp Scout!

We packed up our bags and headed out of town last weekend for one big celebration!


{  My mom and I found an adorable outfit at Carter's that had CAMP SCOUT on it and I knew we'd found the perfect theme for our Griffin Scout!}

I was on the fence about having a party, because as cute as the parties are on Pinterest, I didn't want this    to become something that got out of hand when it came to a budget.  Turns out you can make some really cute decorations with cardboard, scrapbook paper and a little bit of imagination! 


I kept the decorations simple in the house and the food to match the theme:


then we let the party boy have free roam for fun! 


{my parents just got this wagon and griff loved it! jax man, well he was still on the fence! give it a few more months and I know two little boys who will wear boots out walking around the yard!}


griffin did really well with the party, but it started at 6. dinner is usually around 5:30 for him and the bed time routine at 7, so it was a much later night for him and we did have a few fussy moments. by 8:45 he was starting to crash, so we put the party boy to bed and saved the cake for saturday.  I wish we would have gotten to do the cake with all of the family, but griff man was happier this way and the light made for better pictures! 


sweet boy really enjoyed his first bites of cake and was even sweet enough to share with sophie! 

Happy Birthday Griffin Scout!

I used this post for inspiration for our invitations. {I see now after actually reading to the bottom of her post that she had the invitations for sale on etsy. and now I feel super guilty for creating such a similar design. oops.} That post also links to directions to make the tent. which was super easy and will be fun for Griff to still play in.  I seriously made the sign, bear, fire and some fire wood out of painted card board, then used paper from hobby lobby to make the banners,  cupcake wrappers, smash cake topper and food tags. it was simple and came together great I thought! 

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