Friday, June 1, 2012

Insta Friday {a major catch up post}

while I'm still enjoying Instagram, lately it seems that I haven't been finding as much to take pictures of, which then results in a big catch up post to show you sneak peeks over the last several weeks.

i'm no stranger to finding spots on my belly, but for this particular night, I had nacho cheese spots as a result of letting the kids we help with at church touch my belly.  // custom prints for aubrey ready to be mailed!
nacho cheese on the baby belly. just another wednesday night at new haven! excited to mail these beauties out tomorrow! {@aeckerson}

my job never ceases to make me laugh. I love that the student added the "z" to make feel better that they're going somewhere else! // cleaning out my desk. I like to be prepared for any situation.
dear potential college student, when communicating with a recruiter, even over text, try and leave out unnecessary z's. sincerely, your neighborhood college recruiter contents of my desk drawers. because I like to be prepared for anything.

working on projects for our little man! // home. only a panhandle girl can love those flat plains!
the pieces.  home.   

dakota, jealous the sophie was in his spot //  mom. now you now where I get my good looks and onion goggles from!
dakota is not the biggest fan of sophie taking his spot.  now you know where I get my good looks and onion goggles from! 

"helping" mom work on the crib bedding! // flowers from my in-laws for my first mother's day!
 "helping" mom as she starts working on the crib bedding!  my first mother's day flowers! thanks d & d! 

 a good read, though quite the tear jerker //  it's been almost 4 years since our wedding. maybe it's time I throw out the stack of left over save the dates?
 I can already tell you I will be up too late tonight. { @etst }  After 4 years, I can probably get rid of these, huh? 

cody went out into the garage & kota went to the window to look for him. too bad the window only looks out into the back yard! // 25 weeks! 
 Cody went out to the garage & Kota was looking for him. Unfortunately this window only looks to the back yard. Can you say special?  bought this dress 4 years ago for our rehearsal dinner. never dreamed I'd someday be wearing it at 25 weeks pregnant! 

our new favorite game, jokers! // someone got stuck out in the storm. oops!
 jokers.  somebody got stuck out in the storm.  

and finally, cutting out stars for church's freedom parade. 84 stars to be exact. going to be a little bit time consuming! 
this is going to take a while. miss denise, you owe me :)  

and that's what's been going on in our world!

check out life rearranged for more instafridays! 

life rearranged


  1. You're looking wonderful!!!

    Have you checked Our office has been giggling for a week now.

  2. Fun instagram photos.....and have fun cutting out all those stars - I have definitely had projects like that - very time consuming. Good to do while watching TV in the evening though. - from another Abi

  3. Abby I somehow haven't visited your blog in ages, and had no idea your were pregnant! Yay!! Congrats big time :) You are looking super cute!


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