Thursday, May 31, 2012

So Happy I Could Cry.

So remember that time we had a really hot, miserable car ride?

We dropped our car off bright and early Tuesday morning at the Honda shop to find out exactly what was going on.  Turns out that not only do we need a new compressor, but also a clutch and coil set, to the tune of almost $1,400.

Yes. That number made us want to cry.

It's so hard to know too if you're getting a good deal or being taken advantage of because of our age (and looking young.) We did call around to a few other places and try and get quotes from them, but it was still looking like a minimum of $1,250.

Because Cody is so internet savvy (courtesy of his friend google) we knew that the compressor going out was a common problem for 2008 CR-V's. He also happened to see that there was some type of class action lawsuit against Honda because of the problem and that several people actually received some reimbursement from Honda to help cover the cost of their repairs.

So on a whim, Cody mentioned this information to the Honda dealership. (There may have also been some crying and begging for help, explaining that we're expecting a baby and already have medical bills to pay... Cody's a little hazy on the details ;) The guy says he will check with his service manager and see if there's anything they could do.

Turns out there was something they could do to help. They're giving us FIFTY PERCENT off of the price! Seriously, Cody and I both wanted to cry when we heard the news. Even better, we're getting Honda quality parts that come with a 3 year parts and labor warranty.

We could not be more thankful for this blessing and the way God is taking care of us.  The situation turned out so much greater than we ever could have dreamed! This pregnant lady certainly won't stop saying her prayers of thanks for fixed air conditioning any time soon!



  1. And thought this would make you laugh...
    Damaris just walked by and saw your blog open on my computer. First words out of her mouth, "Does he have a middle name yet?" :)


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