Sunday, June 3, 2012

Extra Sudsy.

oh my.

what a weekend!

Cody left on Thursday evening to go visit his parents and brother. His absence seemed to make me realize that we have roughly 13 weeks until our little man should arrive and a to-do list that is still a mile long. Coupled with the fact that we were out of town last weekend so I did zero cleaning or laundry, I thought it was best that I did something productive around the house while he was gone.

That's how I ended up scrubbing my kitchen sink on a Friday night. Just a tip, maybe it's best to read the Borax box before just dumping it in.

might have gone a little heavy handed on the borax to clean the sink!

Yeah. The box suggests about 1/2 C max to clean sinks and I now know why. That stuff does not dissolve easily!

Saturday was spent working on a t-shirt blanket for a friend while I received the blessing of a freshly mowed lawn. Some of our friends took pity on this pregnant lady by her lonesome and came over and did lawn work for us. It looks fantastic and I almost cried as I listened to them mow.

Later that day I decided that our showers could use a deep cleaning and I remembered something that I had pinned:

After running to Walmart to get a spray bottle and more vinegar, I decided to give it a try. 2 things:

-  It  smells VERY STRONG! I didn't think it would hurt me since it was really just vinegar stinkin' up the bathroom, but be prepared! I had to leave the room a few times to get a fresh breath of air.

- It will suds up like no one's business! I actually did a 1: 4 ratio of soap to vinegar. I started scrubbing down Cody's shower and just seemed to create more bubbles, so I gave up and decided he could scrub it once he got home and was actually going to shower.  I cleaned mine as I showered as suggested by the blog and wish I would have brought in a pitcher to pour clean water down the walls. The mixture works, but it will take a little work to get rid of all of the soap!

Cody made it home safe last night. We had a nice morning at church, followed by a great afternoon nap for me and finished up with more work around the house. It may take every last minute for us to get our projects done before d- day, but we're going to give it our best shot!

Now I am relaxing in front of Cody's latest invention. My own portable AC unit!

homemade ac courtesy of @codyneinast to keep a pregnant lady cool this summer!

We already had the broken cooler and couldn't really use it for anything. cody put in frozen water jugs, cut a hole in the top of the lid for a fan and it blows ice cold air on me! Looks like this pregnant lady might make it through the heat of summer after all!

{silly boy keeps walking by and placing his hand in front of the hole to feel the cold air and admire his handwork!}

And that was our very busy weekend.  Here's hoping the week is a little more relaxing!


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