Wednesday, June 6, 2012

27 Weeks!


Size of Baby:  According to Baby Center,  our little man is about the size of a cauliflower! We do know he's weighing in at 2.5 lbs and is just almost 14 inches long. He is VERY active these days and loves to make his presence known!

Symptoms: - Rib pain and indigestion are the  main symptoms right now. I don't see them going any where any time soon. 

Cravings/Aversions: - The fantastic 1/2 price shakes from Sonic are becoming more and more of a necessity. They sure do make the summer heat a little more bearable! 

Maternity Clothes: - Still rocking both maternity and normal clothes. I am thankful that the loose, baggy style has been in for the past couple of years, as it has allowed me to grow into (and stretch out!) my wardrobe! The only downside is that I'm worried I'll be sick of everything rather quickly :)

 Sleep: - Still sleeping high maintenance style with lots of pillows, but at least I'm sleeping!

Funniest Dream Of This Week: - One of my dreams was a repeat of different versions of me going into delivery. The main thing I remember about the dream is that I was freaking out because I had no idea what day Griffin was born on and I was so upset that I forgot to take his one or two month pictures.  Let's hope this one doesn't come true!

 Highlights Of This Week: 
 - Getting to see our little man at a sonogram yesterday. He is looking so big!  The high risk OB did say that my fibroid has moved off to the left some. Sorry if this is TMI, but yesterday was the first day they have been able to see my cervix during the sonogram. This is slightly good news as it means that there is a chance I could have a shot at a natural delivery. Right now though, Griffin is breech and most likely won't be able to flip around because of the size of the fibroid. We're at least encouraged by the change in the fibroid!

- I received a great check up yesterday at my cardiologist. She is very pleased with how I'm doing and thinks my heart sounds great. We will have one more follow up appointment with her, 4 weeks out from my delivery to confirm details of my delivery! By this point they should know if I will have a natural delivery or c-section, so she will nail out some details on what they need to do for my heart and well being during the delivery. It sure was crazy to put down an appointment on the calendar and know how close we would be to meeting our son then!

Looking forward to: - Marking off items off the checklist! We've got our to do list posted on the fridge and hope to have some reinforcements come in soon to help take care of it!


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