Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Count Count Count.

Sigh. There are currently 17 items to do on my list before we leave town. You know, small things like, wrap all of our present, deep clean the house so it's presentable for friends to stay in it while we're gone (amazing how things don't bother me for us, yet I can't let friends see it!) address Christmas cards, have Cody fix the disposal that I clogged up and finish up some last minute gifts. Shouldn't take much time at all, huh?

Cody and I have been going non-stop for the past week and a half it seems, with events including a women's ministry dinner at the church, leadership meetings, Sunday School Christmas party, Small Group Christmas party, Christmas Cookie decorating party and 2 graduation parties last weekend. I have to admit, I think we're party-ied out! Luckily though, we have a 3 day work week and then we're off for two glorious weeks! Even though our holidays will be packed full of traveling, family and lots of eating, it's still so nice to know you have the freedom to relax during the busyness!

Here are some pictures from all of our parties - Enjoy!

Picnik collage
{christmas cookie party. let's be honest, the majority of my pictures were of madeline - i limited myself to two here!}

Picnik collage
{sunday school - a country christmas, complete with hay ride & smores!}

Picnik collage
{small group christmas - photo booth fun!}


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  1. love your tree sweaters! you guys look adorable.

    Hope the next few days aren't too crazy and that you have a wonderful Christmas!


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