Friday, December 16, 2011

Insta-Friday 14

had a lunch date with cody & enjoyed christmas carols
he's all about the details

ignored cleaning the house to cuddle with this guy
made a special birthday treat for a friend and then she didn't show up to the party. it would have been wrong to let it go to waste.

pulled out my master's gown for a friend to wear this week. debated wearing my hood all day too.
fed ex goes a little overboard when it comes to temporary passwords

We believe it's important to fuel properly before a sugar overload. #christmascookies2011
red velvet cake cookies with peppermint cream cheese icing. yum!
headed to our 3rd annual christmas cookie decorating party. a well balanced meal is a must before hand.

decisions decisions.
the finished product.

last weeks insta-friday
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