Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Packing Challenge.

Confession: I am a chronic over packer.

I am of the mindset if 2 pairs of shoes would work, having the option of 5 would be even better!

Normally I don't see my over packing as a problem, but more of a way to give myself choices {you never know what you'll be in the mood to wear!} but the over packing leads to some heavy, cumbersome bags as I'm on the road.

So this week, I created a self imposed challenge to see how many outfits I could create from a limited amount of items.

After some thought, here's what I'm working with:


1 army green jacket (loft)
1 classic black dress (gap)
2 skirts - pumpkin orange (kohls) & pencil denim (loft)
2 tops - 1 mustard yellow (loft) & oatmeal/red striped sweater (loft)
1 pair of jeans (loft)
1 pair of shoes (target)
3 belts - teal (goodwill) mustard yellow (old navy) chunky brown (jc penny)
2 necklaces - gold chunky and peals (both forever 21)
2 bracelets - gold & pearls

Here are the mix and match outfits I put together:

outfit one for work and college fair:


outfit two for college fair:


outfit two turned casual for when I head back to the office:


outfit three for college fairs:


outfit four for college fairs:


I ended up throwing in a simple white t-shirt in case I need it, plus I have the option of wearing the pumpkin skirt with the green jacket if needed.

I have to admit, I was apprehensive as I was packing and it took huge restraint on my part to not throw in lots of random clothes so that I have options. {the over packer... she is hard to keep in control!} The thing about college fairs is that it's a given I will not see the same kids ever night. However, there is a really strong chance that I will see the same recruiters throughout the week... and it's that really strong chance that makes me feel like I need to have different outfits for each day so they don't think I'm a crazy bag lady, re-wearing the same clothes every day. The funny thing is that real life to me is re-wearing clothes. We may not all publicize it, but I think most people are all about wearing stuff again if it's not really dirty.

So, I threw out my crazy bag lady fears and packed very very lightly this week. {the only items I packed that I didn't show here in pictures are my pj's, work out clothes & tennis shoes. that's right, one full week and only two pairs of shoes. this is for sure a first in my life!}  It was super nice to be able to put all of my clothes, toiletries and entertainment extras (kindle, magazine, bible, etc) in one bag. It has made it really easy to change hotels daily!

Here's a sneak peek of the outfits I've actually worn so far... check back on Friday for the full review of how my week went!

{taken monday, at home before I hit the road. it was only after I was in the car that I realized I was a walking candy corn. a cute one, but a candy corn nun the less! don't worry, I don't plan on retiring this outfit because of that reason!}

{tuesday, forced to take my own mirror picture. gotta do what you gotta do!}

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  1. I am also a super over packer too! I totally agree that the more you have on the road the better! We're going on a trip this weekend, I am definitely going to try to put together different outfits with less pieces. You've inspired me :)!

  2. these are super cute outfits! i am traveling for a conference next month and i want to try to attempt the same thing - classy, cute, professional outfits with minimal baggage. we'll see how it goes!

  3. I am also a chronic over packer, and I have two trips coming up. This is such a great post and has me planning a much simpler wardrobe. Thanks! And as usual your outfits are all too cute!

  4. You always make it look so simple Abby! I have never seen you looking not completely pulled together. Way to go! :)

  5. Oh, I overpack constantly. I am trying to limit myself to my carry on for a trip this week and that's been pretty tough.

    I love the outfits you've created. Yellow is so your color.

  6. Love your outfits. I always seem to overpack, but then I still never have the "right" outfits when I get to where I'm going. I need to start putting a little more thought into the outfits before I go.

  7. love your outfits! i am terrible at packing!!

    Jenna Duty


  8. I am super impressed you made the trip with one pair of shoes for work! That's awesome! Maybe I need to learn from you!

  9. GREAT outfit combos! Love the way you mixed 'em up!

  10. I always tend to under pack! Its horrible!

    Great outfits! Love the color combo in the first one you're wearing!

    Stopping by from pleated poppy!

  11. this is going to sound bizarre (especially since i don't even know you.) but i think i saw you earlier in the day at the jcrew factory outlet in allen. was that you? if so, darn it. i should have said hello. if not, i'm so glad i didn't make a complete fool of myself!
    i am a terrible over packer too and i am amazed at how little you packed, but how cute your outfits are!

  12. Wow, proud of you light packing! Even if it is more than I took to last me 8 months : ) Soon you'll be carrying on only!

  13. I can totally relate about the over packing. I always want to have options. I even over pack my purse, I carry a couple of magazines in it and a glue gun. Yes, a glue gun because you never know when you'll have a crafting emergency. I'm even worse when packing for the kids because some days they are good and no outfit changes and some days they go through every extra outfit I packed.

  14. I always overpack & it drives my hubby insane! What a cool challenge you set for yourself. All of your outfit combinations are so cute. Can I just tell you that I love those flats btw? Can't wait to see the rest :)

  15. Wow you did such a great job! I can't believe you only took one pair of shoes for all those outfits (not counting the tennies), that is impressive! Love your outfits and how you showed us the pics of them all laid out... I've only packed like that once and it was so awesome... but sure took a lot of work!

  16. Yes, an adorable candy corn nun! I freakin' love that outfit.

  17. Did I miss where the cheetah flats are from...? They are super cute. I love how you are so creative in putting outfits together!


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