Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Abby - 2


Right now I'm in a season of work where my "co-workers" are the other recruiters I meet on the road. I have the chance to meet a lot of recruiters from other universities and usually strike up a few interesting conversation. This past week I ended up next to a girl from Virginia. We had a nice time talking before the fair started and as it was winding down for the night.  Finally, she blurted out: "I'm sorry to be so personal, but what type of make up do you use? I know I'm looking rough by this time in the day, but you look like you're ready for a beauty pageant!" {she really said that. I laughed.}

If you've been reading for a while, then you may know about my make up preference. Way back in the summer of 2006, my life was forever changed when my mom schedule for us to get make overs with Mac. For real y'all. I've used Walmart brands, Mary Kay and Clinique, but Mac is hands down my favorite. One of the main reasons I love Mac is because of it's long lasting quality. I really can put on my make up at 7:00 in the morning and still look fresh at 5:00, as long as I keep my lipstick touched up.

If you're not satisfied with your current make up, I would encourage you to schedule a Mac makeover. {you don't technically have to schedule one, if you show up to a store they will still do a make over for you, they will just also have to help other customers in between doing your make up. scheduling an appointment will keep the interruptions away!} Make overs are free and it's a great way to get a fresh perspective on what you're wearing!

With a make over, they will do as little {lipstick or eyes only} as you want to as much as you want {all out full face, including fake eye lashes!} I normally choose to do a full face to make sure I'm still using the correct base color, plus use it as an opportunity to try out a new blush!

As far as cost goes, Mac is middle of the road. It is definitely more expensive than what you would find at Wal-Mart or Target, but not as expensive as some brands. Eye shadow will cost about $14, Blush about $20, Foundation about $27.50. While you may be thinking that I'm crazy for paying that much, it lasts a long time. Most of my items I've figured to be about 3 cents per wear. The quality of the product and how well it stays have made me a long term customer.

If you're interested in purchasing some Mac items but aren't sure where to start, have your make over done and have them write down the items they used. They will actually give you a picture that shows the make up they used and where it goes.

{similar to this, though you probably wouldn't want this dark of a look!}


Once you have an idea of your look and what colors you need, you can then start building up your collection bit by bit! I would start with the eye primer and eye shadows, then brushes, foundation, powder and blush. They are expensive, but the Mac brushes truly do make a difference in applying the make up!

I think it's best to start with eye shadows that will be good for every day wear. Once you have a good base of make up staples, then you can go get a make over and have them do something fun. Some of my best make up looks have actually come from giving the Mac ladies free reign... the lime green and turquoise eye shadow looked very scary when she first picked up the colors, but ended up looking gorgeous on! I bought both colors and love to wear a "peacock" look!

If you do end up buying Mac items, don't ever through an empty container away! They have a Back 2 Mac program and once you have 6 empty containers, you can take them to Mac and get a free lipstick of your choice -  Back 2 Mac helped me to get my famous Mac Red lipstick!

I know the make up can be a touchy subject and some people choose not to wear it in order to set an example for their daughters. I greatly respect this opinion. Even if my mom chose to not wear any make up, as a teenager I know I would have wanted to wear it. I do believe that true beauty comes from the inside. I also believe that make up can be fun and is another way to express creativity! No matter what your choice is, I hope you learned something new about make up!

{here is a link to a previous make up tutorial I did}

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  1. I don't think I've ever seen my mother wear makeup and I was not allowed when I lived at home. So I feel like I missed something in that crucial "makeup development" window.
    A friend and I have mulled over making appointments as MAC, this post just might be the motivator I needed!


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