Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mine By Design.

last friday night we had a sunday school social at mine by design, a paint your own pottery place.

attendance was a little low...


but sarah and i still had a great time!

sarah went with a coffee cup (with a super cute hippo inside!)


and i painted a business card holder


of course i managed to get about 5 patterns on one tiny piece. would you expect anything different?

we can pick up our finished pieces on friday. i can't wait! if you're looking for a fun girls night out, check in your area for a paint your own pottery place!

{just be warned... give your self at least an hour more than you probably imagine.. we showed up at 6:30 and were scrambling to finish by 9 when they closed. it takes longer than you imagine because of drying time between coats of paint!}


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