Saturday, September 17, 2011


Depending on which way we're coming from, there's a church we pass on our way home. In all honesty, I probably wouldn't pay much attention to the church if it weren't for their sign. They have an electronic scrolling sign with some corny sayings, some church announcements, and one heck of a message that has us stumped.

For the past year, this "saying" has taken up a permanent residence on their sign:


{really, that's exactly what it looks like.}

At first we just laughed about it. But the longer it's been up there, the more curious we are. We've questioned if it is something to do with being Church of Christ. I've tried googling it to get an answer. Ugly Young Thing was the best solution that turned up.

 I'm getting desperate to figure this out so I'm asking for your help! Do you have any idea what this could stand for? I'm turning to my blog people first... but I'm about to have to resort to calling the church office to find out what it means! Someone please help me solve this!

{and you better believe I will call - It would at least make for a good blog story... right?!}



  1. The only thing I can figure is "you right?" as in "are you right with God?".

  2. Unselfish
    Yearns to Please God
    Takes the Time

    In other words, the question mark is asking if you are doing that
    The exclamation point is saying you should do it!

    (I don't get the part where it says Use Your Towel, but maybe it has to do with a sermon series their pastor did)


  3. Problem solved? How did you find that and know what CofC to look for?!

  4. Just "googled" Church of Christ (near your house) and came up with that one....


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