Thursday, August 18, 2011

Portabella Burgers

Y'all. I have died and gone to culinary heaven.

I know mushrooms are an iffy subject: people either love or hate them. I am a lover, Cody a hater. So I knew I was taking a big risk in making a meal that revolved around an item he didn't like. But I thought it would be good for him to branch out, and I knew we had pork chops in case it flopped.

I took a pack of sliced portabella mushrooms {typically you would see these "burgers" using a whole patty. The slices were cheaper, which is the only reason I chose them.} and put into a oven safe pan. I added a lot of minced garlic, olive oil to coat, worcestershire sauce, and seasoned with basil, oregano and salt. {there's nothin' I hate more than a recipe not turning out as well as it should have because I didn't add salt!} Toss to make sure everything is coated, then roast for 12 minutes on 400.

Once they were done, I had Cody come in to taste and see if he wanted a portabella or pork chop burger. I consider it a HUGE success that he choose the portabella over the meat! {who cares that he later added bbq sauce?} I served mine on my South Beach Diet sliders recipe and normal bread for Cody, both with melted cheese.* Top with your favorite burger toppings!

So, if you're a fan of mushrooms, I would definitely encourage you to try out portabella mushrooms in your next recipe! You certainly won't be disappointed!

*Just fyi, if you pop the bread in the over to melt the cheese and just stick your plate in the oven as to not dirty another pan, make sure you warn your husband about how hot the plate will be, so that he doesn't pick it up to carry it to the table and burn both hands. Oops! {don't worry... he's not hurt too bad!}


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