Thursday, August 18, 2011

Insta- Friday. 2


1. project runway after a long week of work. 
2. taking cover, hoping to get out of a much needed haircut.
3. genghis grill date night. yum.
4. arts & crafts - bringing some much needed chevron into my life.
5. see: "don't be fooled by my cuteness" dog. believes my side of the bed is his.
6. heading out for an evening bike ride. {self photography skills lacking}
7. a new jar for my k cups, inspired by sarah.
8. the bright spot in my morning {and why I haven't lost any weight.}
9. planning out measurements for decorating my office.
10. chevron. I love you. {middle canvas to come!}

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life rearranged


  1. Holy cool chevron! loving those canvases.

  2. Hmmm,I'm thinking thinking the Sweet Italian Cream is why I haven't lost any!!

  3. totally stealing the k-cup jar idea and those chevron canvases are to die for!!! love 'em!

  4. love the k-cup container and the chevron....I need!

  5. I love coffee creamer of almost any flavor!!!



  6. Coconut Creme is my favorite! Also, I love the k-cup jar and hope to add a Keurig and k-cups to my future :) AND now a jar for the k-cups.


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