Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WIWW #26

How are y'all doing?

We actually got two rain showers this weekend and temps in the high 80's. I'm sure that high 80's is hot to some of you, but after 45+ days of over 100 degrees, it was such a breath of fresh air! You could actually walk outside without immediately starting to sweat. It was such a spirit lifter!

Here's this weeks outfits:

Friday - work



sweater: francesca's
tanks and jeans: old navy
shoes: target

this would be my "I woke up at 7:36 and need to be at work by 8 oh my gosh just throw on something" outfit.

Because that sentence is definitely true. I showered, makeuped, haired, dressed and was at work by 8:20 which is quite the accomplishment for me. Note to self: double check that alarm works when husband is already gone by the time you're supposed to wake up!

Saturday: Date night!



dress: steinmart
belt: express

I always feel like I need to wear a cardigan when I wear this dress to work, so I decided to go footloose and fancy free for date night! {though I did bring a cardi for dinner because restaurants are freezing!}

Here I am in the cardigan holding Cody's cousin's new baby girl:

Monday: Work



top: loft, years ago
pants: loft, a few months ago
belt: express
shoes: boutique, yellow box brand

Confession: I planned this outfit around my lipstick. Please tell me I'm not the only person to ever do that? I just needed some bold sass in my Monday. I bought these pants on a big clearance sale at loft. They are actually like extra talls, but I couldn't pass up a nice pair of dress pants in my size for roughly $20. Thankfully, I have a talented mom who sews better than she works an iphone and she hemmed them for me!

As I slipped on these shoes to complete my outfit, I told my husband, "I feel like I haven't gotten this dressed up for work in a long time!" Funny how certain outfits do that to us, huh?

Tuesday: Work



cardi: target
dress: kohl's
belt: penney's
necklace: f21
earrings: walmart

I'm still on the fence as to how I felt about this outfit. We had to be at work early for our annual staff breakfast, so I didn't have time to change. The skirt is rather flowy, so I'm afraid it makes me look bigger than I am. Plus, this outfit really needed a pair of wedges, but my dressed up shoes from Monday left a nice size blister on my foot, so I went with the comfort of flats. {and almost tripped over my dress all day long!}

Got any suggestions on how you would wear this dress?

I've been at this What I Wore Wednesday with Lindsey for 26 weeks now and I've discovered some great new blogs along the way. Today though, I am so excited to announce to you that my dear friend Leslie is finally jumping on the bandwagon with me! Head over to Diary of a Southern Drama Queen to see her outfits. Trust me, you will not be disappointed by her sassiness!

Here's a sneak peek:


let me know if you stopped by so I can check out your fashion inspiration!

{last week's wiww}



  1. I love love love love love your lipstick-centered outfit. My jaw dropped. And then stayed dropped for the dress and cardigan which I love just as much. You look tall and long and lovely.

  2. Yep, I've planned outfits around lipstick....and I'm not ashamed of it ;)

    Love all your choices...and the flowy skirt is lovely!


  3. Your outfits are great and your hair is too cute. Wish I looked that good when I woke up late for work!

  4. Great lipstick! Love your outfits, especially the first two - guess I'm a casual girl! (I like how you wore your maxi... never thought to button up a cardy and belt it over one. Bet it would look cute unbuttoned but still belted too!)

  5. i love your sweaters! so cute!

    jenna duty


  6. I love that cardigan that you wore Friday. My fave outfit is Monday's though. That white top and jeans is ADORABLE!!!

  7. I love the pink stripe sweater and that white top from the loft! CUTE outfits this week! love it!

  8. Really, really cute outfits! I can't choose which one is my favorite because they are all great!

  9. That Francesca sweater is something I would totally steal out of your closet if I still lived in Abilene :) Thanks for sucking me into this, I'm a big, big fan already!


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