Sunday, November 2, 2008

In case you need more proof that Cody and I aren't ready for children, let me show you this:

Exhibit A:

Our church has 2 church services, and I help in the nursery. Normaly we only have 2 kids, an 18 month old and an 8 month old. Sharon and Sarah are the ones who really know how to handle kids and just let me hang around, but today they were gone and trusted me with keeping the nursery. I kept teasing that it was going to be high attendance day because they were gone, and in a way, I was right. A former Crosspoint family showed up and brough their twin 17 month old daughters. Cody and I were entertained by them but when we saw the above picture, we both went, ewwwww!! and then laughed and took a picture. Don't worry, I did clean it off. But its just a reminder that I don't want to have to do that on a frequent basis.

Exhibit B:

This is how Kota was camped out this afternoon. Cody was trying to close the door and kept telling Kota to move, but he was having none of that and Cody had to leave the door open. Obviously, Kota is already running our household. But thankfully, he is beginning to understand that going to the bathroom needs to take place OUTSIDE, not any little spot he chooses in the house. Three times today he either went to the door and barked or led me to the door so he could go outside. Treats go a long way in making a dog obey!!

Ok, I'm off to go read a little bit before bed. Have a fabulous Monday!

P.S., Walt and Lindsey, I appoligize for laughing at your daughter's snot and showcasing her on my blog :)

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