Friday, October 31, 2008

pictures of recent

Obviously, I haven't been blogging much. I just got back from a 900 mile 5 day trip to San Antonio. Yes, that is a lot of driving in 5 days, leaving me lacking the desire to blog more than what you need to know. So here are some pictures to catch you up on where we are.

I've been feeling kinda funny lately, prompting thoughts of one of these:

And the thought of the item above leaves Cody and I feeling like this:

So, after making sure that there were no unwanted surprises, we decided to do something a little less life altering...

Meet Dakota Bear, the newest member of the Neinast family!

We definitely were not planning on getting a dog this soon, but it was a special circumstance and thankfully I have an understanding husband! You see, Kota is the grand-puppy of Baylor and Maggie, the dogs that have been a part of our family since 6th and 9th grade. Baylor was seriously the best dog ever, and he had to be put down a few months ago. When we found out there we a chance to get one of these puppies, it was too soon for my mom to have another dog, and this is where my gracious husband said yes to my begging.

Having a puppy is definitely a hand full, and is a constant reminder that we don't want kids yet! But, with that being said, in just a week's time we have already turned into "those people" and it sure does make life more interesting!

I gave Kota his first bath tonight. Now, when he's dry, his hair makes him look like quite the chunk. Stick him in water and that all changes!

What a poor, pitiful rugrat he becomes!

Well, I'm off to go entertain Kota for a few minutes before bed time in hopes that he'll run off some energy and sleep late.. I can dream, right? Now that the cat's out of the bag on this one I'll be posting more regularly, promise!

Lots of love!
The Neinast Trio


  1. Aw cute puppy! I also have a puppy who turns all sad-looking once he's in the bath cuz he's so puffy lol


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