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It is heart warming when your son wants to be rocked to sleep because he's missed you the past 7 days and yet so heart breaking because he is so clingy in fear that you're going to leave him again! We just got back from a great week with our high school youth camp. It was such a great week with our students and even though we are so tired, we are so thankful for the time we got to spend with them.

 Here are some of the highlights in pictures:
  photo 1.JPG
teaching our californian about free refills

 every day ended with a "block party" that had a theme for the night. our group actually did pretty good with getting into each theme night.

we had grannies and grandpas:
  photo 2.JPGphoto 3.JPG photo 2.JPG
(how do you work this blasted phone?!)
 neon night:
 showing off our dance moves:


there's an app for that:

  photo 2.JPG
(ok, so we didn't do that great on this one! we were supposed to be ghosts for snap chat, but most of us backed out because the sheets were hot! ha! in case you're not on the up and up with youth, this is what they call the fierce face. we don't get it but we do like to poke fun at them for it!)

 90's night. cody and I rocked some awesome outfits but some how I missed out on a pic. bummer!

 we played some fun games:
  photo 1.JPG

(in honor of grannie night, cavity helped me put on a diaper then i had to feed her applesauce blind folded. luckily i only spilled some on the diaper!)
  photo 1.JPG
(trying to stick lifesavers on cassidy's face)
  photo 1.JPG
(the leap of faith - climbing up an electricity pole and then jumping off in hopes of grabbing the trapeze bar. i'll be honest i tried this one... but i only made it up a couple of steps before climbing back down. this picture doesn't show it, but that pole wobbles like crazy at the top. gives me the willies just thinking about it!)

  photo 5.JPG

(this would be evan drinking a breakfast suicide drink through a sausage straw. we play a game with our kids called what are the odds, where you throw out a ridiculous challenge (drinking a mix of every drink on the fountain tap, then challengee then gives the odds 1 in a number up to 100 and then tells a number between those odds and tells a friend. the person who offered the challenge guesses a number and if they get it right, the person has to do it, which is how i have this picture. it's a fun way to get your kids interacting with each other and doing silly stuff in the process. such as all of the boys cramming into one bunk)
  photo 3.JPG

rec games:
photo 4.JPG photo.JPG
and lake time:
  photo 2.JPG
 (i did actually blob which was scary enough for me and should have been a warning sign that i wouldn't be able to make it through the leap of faith!)

  photo 1.JPG

and some randoms from the week:

photo 2.JPG photo 2.JPG

the weather was unbelievably perfect. normally june in texas is 100+ every day. most days at camp it was only 88, which makes a huge difference and all around makes life so much better. we even had a light breeze a few days that required a light jacket!

photo 2.JPG

#crazyhairdontcare #day10ofcamp


photo 1.JPG

our kids had great things to say about the camp and what they learned. we're praying we continue to see the fruits in the coming weeks and months of what all God spoke to them while we were there.

griff had a great week seeing both sets of grandparents while we were at camp, but you can definitely tell he's going to have a detox period to go through now that he's back with mom and dad. here's to a week of resting and relaxing and getting back to our normal!

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