Friday, June 20, 2014

All By Myself.

No husband. No toddler. No dog. Yes, I'm all by myself and it is so fantastic. Cody is at Junior High Camp, Griff is with grandparents in prep for camp next week and after three weeks with a broken computer charger, I'm finally back in business. It has been way too long since I've set down to do a real blog post, so here are some high lights from the past few weeks: - - - - - - - - when I dropped G off with my parents, my mom treated me to a pedicure. let me just share with you from my experience: if you walk into the nail salon on a day when a major sports event is happening and you end up with a male manicurist, just walk away. the world cup worked in my favor and helped me to get a 15 minute massage per leg, but the actual painting part came during a stressful part of the game which resulted in some streaks. my poor mom's manicurist was so into the game she barely got much of a massage and a half hearted paint job at best. - - - - - - - - we have actually gotten a decent amount of rain over the past couple of weeks and our lawn in green. I know some of you may not realize what a big deal this is, but here in texas, it's basically a miracle. the only downfall is that it nows grows really quickly, which isn't something we've dealt with before. the grass really needs mowing now, but see "no husband" above and i'm not sure I want to take on the task! (i'm capable... just not sure i'm willing!) photo.JPG {playing in puddles} photo.JPG {proof of our green grass. floor pose courtesy of griffin.} - - - - - - - - I took griff for a hair cut on wednesday and he went from almost two: photo 1.JPG to teenager. photo 2.JPG he is talking up a storm, running non-stop, curious about everything, and mostly sweet with a hint of spitfire in him. before we had kids cody would always say that he wanted to go straight to the toddler stage because then you can actually play with them. I asked him the other day if he was enjoying the toddler stage now and he said: "yes... but I understand why you need the baby stage to really solidify your love for them!" - - - - - - - - That's just a snippet of what's been going on with us. Hopefully I'll get back in my blogging grove soon!

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