Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Silly Boy.

This boy keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh every day. Funny enough, I was saying a prayer the other day that three hadn't been as hard to us as everyone had prepared us for. Yep.... and then we hit a new day! Ha! While Griff is mostly sweet (and luckily we're still hearing good things from his teachers and Sunday School workers) he is very independent and expresses his opinions quite frequently! Here's some silly things he's been up to lately:

He likes to accessorize and wants you to too. He even requested on wearing this headband to bed that night! 


Sunday he required me to call him Pluto all morning as he was crawling around the house, barking like a dog. We were trying to rush out the door to get to church and I was telling Kota to go tee tee, when Griff ran outside and said, "Puppies have to tee tee outside!" This was too great of a shot to pass up :)


He is obsessed with minions and received this minion towel for his birthday. We'e been using it as a towel for a while now, but somehow on Monday night he got the idea in his head that it was a blanket. So he cried when he couldn't take it to bed (you know, because it was wet!!!) so we compromised and said he could have it first thing Tuesday morning. He, of course, didn't forget and ran right in to cuddle under his blanket when he woke up! 


We are trying to foster some independence in him and have been making him get himself dressed. This has lead to him now picking out his clothes - shirt, shorts, undies and socks. He has an opinion on it all! So, he wore his pumpkin shirt on Tuesday in preparation for Bami's Pumpkin Party. (Yes, he asked if we were headed to the party when I picked him up from school!)  When he woke up this morning, he wanted to wear the same shirt AND shorts again to school. It took a little while to convince him that we can't wear the same clothes two days in a row. Back to the drawing board for his shirt... and we ended up going to school like this! 


Luckily he was willing to compromise and at least took tennis shoes to wear for when they went outdoors.

And finally, the nursery workers snapped this picture of G Force and Hurricane Henry tonight. (I do think she asked for a mean face.) I have a feeling these two are going to be giving a lot of church workers a run for their money!! 


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