Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

1. I've read their blogs for years, but it took me a while to follow along with the podcast too.  The Big Boo podcast has become my favorite for car rides to make the time pass quickly. (Or the weekly grocery store run!)  It really is just like listening in on a friend's conversation. When it delves into some of the football stuff I zone out a bit, but if you enjoy laughing with girlfriends, I think you'll enjoy it!

2. The Good Wife. I started this tv show as a recommendation from Big Mama on the podcast and it is now how I pass my time when I'm cleaning the kitchen or folding laundry. If you like to binge watch tv, be warned: it's addicting!

3. Amazon Prime's newest updates. If you haven't realized it yet, with the free streaming tv and movies on Amazon Prime, the latest update allows you to download the shows onto your devices and then you have up to 48 hours to watch them. This is perfect for when you're taking a family trip with a 2 hour drive. Cody puts on his podcast, G is watching his movies and I can get two episodes in of The Good Wife before we arrive. Let's just say that it might be one of the first trips home that I didn't sleep through!

4. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. I used this for this first time this summer and it has quickly gone to the top of my most used polishes. I love it because it dries very quickly and is durable. I might even like it more than OPI polish, which I didn't think I would ever say.  Your first purchase will be a little more expensive to get the top coat too, but it's worth it!

What are some of your favorites I need to know about?

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