Friday, January 9, 2015

Five On Friday

[ one ]

happy new year! we had plans to have a wild night celebrating with our youth group but the party got cancelled because of some crazy ice weather we had. cody and i ended up renting four movies and watching them all in one day while cuddled up on the couch. basically, we watched more movies in one afternoon on the last day of the year than we saw all year long in the theatre.  the ice also delayed us from being able to go and pick up griffin who was with the grandparents. i was majorly bummed, but we did enjoy staying up late and sleeping in while he was gone. it's a shame he won't let me sleep in till 10:30 every day!


[ two ]


christmas is so much fun with toddlers.  griff is obsessed with all things "mcqueen" right now and we got him a ride on four wheeler for his big christmas present. i thought it would be a great toy for him to ride around our "track" [aka the loop you make through our kitchen, hallway and living room] but it turns out he's not the best at steering. i took him up to the church to ride in the gym to get some practice and save my cabinets and i know now how we're going to make it through the winter. he loved racing and even took a break to preform a half time show.

[ three ]

you may have noticed that gas prices have been dropping recently. great for my wallet, but not the best when you live in a town that is economically fueled by oil. our gas is typically 20 - 30 cents higher than the big cities around us, but i was floored when we were driving home for christmas and it was $1.89 as we were pulling into town. apparently the enthusiam for which i  said the price was contagious, because all of a sudden we started hearing "dollar eighty nine!" over and over from the back. so now g has a new trick that he will occasionally do on command!

[ four ]

as it is the new year, i know i should be a bandwagoner who tries to lose weight. it's just so cold outside though i'm having a hard time wanting to do any physical activity that would require me to get out of my warm clothes. i'm telling myself that once it's warm i'll be better (and by warm i only mean above freezing, which will be a vast improvement for us.) so instead of working out, we're focusing on trying to not eat out for the month. i'll be happy if we can just make it three weeks.  tonight i made calzones for dinner and it actually felt almost as satisfying as going out. i should also clarify that i didn't "make" the calzones at all. we discovered on a ice day walmart run that they have calzones in the deli section that all you have to do is bake. they're $2.50 and really delicious.   we will probably have calzone fridays for the rest of the month...until we can go back to whataburger!

[ five ]

we are final looking to upgrade our tv from the small one we bought 7 years ago when we got married. in our research we found this one:


while i would like to make a joke that it's the one we're getting, i just can't even wrap my mind around the fact that some people pay $25,000 for a tv!! i'm assuming these are celebrities who buy tv's like this, but i guess i would have thought that they got it somewhere fancier than best buy. guess i should feel comforted that they shop at the same places as the rest of us... only on a much larger budget!

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