Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hello Old Friends

I know, I know. Looooooooooooong time no blog. I was telling my sister in law over the Thanksgiving break that as much as I love Griffin and this 2 year old stage, it is so exhausting! As much as I would love to do a lot of creative things, I'm all tapped out at the end of the day. Hence the reason it's been over 7 weeks since anything has been posted here. I would like to stay things will get better soon.... but no promises!

What a better place to start that an update on Griff?

This dude. Just the perfect blend of sweet and orneriness! It's so funny to see what his mind comes up with these days. I will catch him doing something he's not supposed to be doing and he will instantly try to give me a hug or a kiss to try and make me forget what he was doing.  He is still obsessed with all movies, though Toy Story 3 seems to the one that gets most repeated. (Which is at least a break from Cars over Thanksgiving. I'm not sure mom could handle one more viewing of MaKeen!)

His love of movies did come in handy on our trip to Ruidoso for Thanksgiving.  Poor guy had pink eye so he wasn't feeling his best which I'm sure subdued him a bit for the trip, but he basically watched movies for the full 5 hour drive and never once complained about being stuck in his car seat.    We were so thankful he did so well and are now much more willing to take him back. (Though, vacation is Ruidoso with a toddler isn't quite the same as without one! ;)

Griff and Jax had a blast together. It's so fun to see them play. (Also, so humbling to have Griff yelling "NO SIR JAX!! NO SIR!!" Surely he only hears that at daycare... right?!) G man lives up to his role as the older cousin and bosses Jax around.  I like to pretend he gets that from his dad!

The worst part of Thanksgiving was coming home. We arrived back to shredded curtains, knocked over decorations and a mess in our house.... caused by a squirrel. Yes. A SQUIRREL.

It got in through a hole over our stove and wrecked a little bit of havoc while we were gone. Cody was able to put a trashcan over him and carry it outside to get rid of him and then I started cloroxing everything possible. There's nothing like the creepy feeling of not knowing what all a squirrel walked on in your house and worrying that you're going to wake up in the middle of the night cuddled up beside you. Ugh. I start squirming just thinking about it! The story made for a good children's sermon (sometimes we have big plans to do great things for God and the devil throws a squirrel our way to mess them up) and as I told our church this morning, Cody is currently the only rodent living in my house :). (totally joking of course. I had his permission to say it and they all laughed!)

Last thing.... we've been saving up for quite a while in hopes of joining a super cool club. It actually turned out to be a long ordeal, but the short version is this:

We now own a mini van and couldn't be more excited! (I know... not many willingly want to join this club!) Give Cody 15 minutes of your time and he'll sell you on why you should own one too!

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