Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy Anniversary!


Yesterday Cody and I celebrated six sweet years of marriage. In some ways it feels like it was just yesterday, and other ways we can't believe it hasn't been longer.  We planned on going to the carnival to celebrate the wild ride we've been on, but they packed up and left town on us! Instead we ended up having a nice dinner and a great conversation about the changes we've seen from year five to six.


While we were at High School camp, the other female sponsor and I were talking to the girls about marriage. We kept saying that marriage is hard, but I also had to follow up with the comment that it's hard, but it's also easy when you know you're with the right person. I have never once doubted my decision to marry Cody. While we've certainly had our share of ups and downs, I know I can trust his character. I know his heart is good and will do what it takes to provide for and protect our family. Here's looking forward to many more!

Happy Anniversary Cody! Today and tomorrow!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! A carnival would have been a perfect way (and metaphor) to celebrate!! :)


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