Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth Of July

We had a great day celebrating the Fourth of July! Our little town really does a pretty big celebration and it was so fun to get to see everything through Griffin's eyes.  We started out by walking to the park in time for the parade. This makes us sound like really hippy, crunchy granola types, but the park is only like .4 of a mile so it's not a bad walk.  This did later come back to kick us in the rear as we were walking back home at noon in the 90 degree weather, but at least it was a fun memory! (fun, but stupid!)

photo 3.JPG

Griff couldn't really stop for a photo op after he heard the ambulances!

He spent most of the parade safe in dad's arms,

photo 1.JPG

but he did perk up a bit when he realized they had candy!

photo 2.JPG

We grabbed a great lunch at the park before heading home to take a nap and prepare for our late night activities.

photo 4.JPG

For a little bit of time and effort, we were able to clean up the backyard and create quite the oasis:

photo 2.JPG

I wish a had a picture of the pictures on at night. It is like a little slice of heaven! We had our youth group over for a s'mores roast before heading out to watch the firework show. Over the course of the night, Griff had a mini chocolate bar, an fudge cookie, the chocolate from a s'more, a few marshmallows and maybe another chocolate bar that he snuck away and ate after dad cut him off! Needless to say, he LOVES this holiday :)

He was VERY unsure of the fireworks for the majority of the show,

photo 3.JPG

but he eventually he perked up. Cody and I have watched this video over and over and over and we cannot stop laughing. This is what parenthood is about people! There is nothing like the joy of watching your kids experience something new for the first time. It is the best.

Considering that we got home from the fireworks around 11 and G-man normally goes to bed at 8, you would have falling asleep standing up.... luckily he had all of that sugar to keep him going to party with the kids and do "fireworks" at our house. Note to self: if you need a birthday present idea for Griffin, he will love you forever if you buy him some of the poppers you through on the ground!

I've loved the Fourth of July for many years, but seeing Griffin experience his for the first time he can remember is really the best of all!

(and in case you want a tug at your heart strings, check out last year's post. can you believe that little chunky baby??!!) 

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