Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weekend Getaway.

Last week I was coming back home after a weekend with my parents when I texted Cody with this idea:

Let's leave after work Thursday, drop G off with your parents, then spend a weekend in Ruidoso and come home Monday. 

Luckily, I know Cody pretty well and know that when he has an hour or so to think about a Ruidoso trip, I can usually sell him on the idea. And guess what? I was right! We loaded up Thursday and hit the road early afternoon so that we could make it before dark. The trip in itself was very nostalgic as we  looked back on that one time I was oh so large and our air conditioning went out half way there. Obviously, we were much happier this trip and said many prayers of thanks for a working car.

Our weekend can basically be summed up in two words: lazy bums.

We ate. We slept. We caught up on tv shows. Basically we only moved from the couch if we needed sustenance. And if we were eating left overs at the house, we ate on the couch. I debated sleeping on them at night after an awesome three hour nap one afternoon.

I know some people are all about the "go!go!go!" while on vacation, but Cody and I needed the opposite of that. Of course, it helps that we have some pretty awesome digs to enjoy while we're there:


In case you ever go to Ruidoso (and if you're anywhere near, I highly encourage it!) we enjoy eating at The Log Cabin for breakfast, Casa Blanca for the fried green chili strips, Lincoln County Grill for burgers, Cafe Rio for pizza and a new to us place, Cornerstone Bakery. They serve lunch too, but we had a great breakfast there.

photo 1.JPG  photo 2.JPG  photo 3.JPG

Funny story about Cornerstone Bakery: we chose to go there because the Inn of The Mountain Gods brunch was $17 a piece and while we like to go to it, we didn't want to pay that much. We ended up ordering our meals plus a plate of pancakes to share. Now, I was the one who ordered a quiche and the pancakes and the waitress gives me this dumbfounded look like "REALLY?!? That's so much food." She may have even commented on how much it was. Well guess what, the quiche wasn't *that* big.  And Cody and I have never been one to shy away from a good pancake, so we did end up eating them all. Then, as we were checking out, we also picked up a few pastries to eat for dessert later in the day and for breakfast the next morning. As we kept adding stuff on, our waitress (Wednesday) kept getting bigger and bigger eyed and finally was like, "You ate all of that this morning?!?!" She was not asking out of awe and respect at how much we could eat and stay in such a fine physical condition. In fact, she was definitely judging us. And while we just laughed it off, I really wanted to tell her to BACK OFF WEDNESDAY. (while wiping the icing off of my face from the italian cream cake I bought, of course.) 

(please tell me I'm not the only one who sees vacation as a means to eat everything in sight. no? oh.)

In the end, we ended up spending $50 on assorted pastries, two loaves of bread and our breakfast that morning. Guess the $17 brunch would have been a wiser financial choice!

We're back in the grind this week, as Spring Break doesn't really count when you have a cranky toddler adjusting to the time change and a husband working all week. We are spending our evenings catching up on one more show, but I have to ask: have you watched House of Cards?  We just finished season one and will eventually start season two once I can handle it. It's got that twinge of weirdness that's kept me hooked! What do you think? 

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  1. I am drooling over all your food. I have no idea where Ruidoso is, but clearly I need to go there.


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