Thursday, August 1, 2013

Out Of Town.

Cody left last Saturday bright and early at 8 a.m. to head with our church to El Paso for a VBS mission trip. Almost a week by myself all day long with a baby didn't sound too appealing, so Griff and I ended up leaving the same day to come visit my parents. Lucky for us, my brother, SIL and nephew were here for the weekend too, so we got to spend some time loving on them!

{it was practically bed time.. smiles were heard to come by!}

While I am totally biased in thinking that I have the cutest baby in the entire world, can't we all just agree that my nephew is obviously the second cutest baby in the entire world?

{jax at 6 1/2 months}

The boys had fun playing together and enjoyed a quick trip to the pool. 
{cuz... why are you crawling away from me?!?}
 DSC_0512    DSC_0610 {griff is saying... um, where is my cheeseburger?!}  DSC_0602     DSC_0505  

Nate, Kait and Jax were only able to spend the weekend here, so we've filled the rest of our time with finished up some house projects I brought home, taking Griff to visit his great grands, going to visit my cousins for the opening day of their new Subway, and lots of play time. My mom has totally spoiled me by letting me take lots of naps and cake donuts for breakfast... It's been a great week! Most importantly, this was Cody's last week of any type of summer travel, so we're all thankful to hopefully get back into our normal schedule soon!


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