Friday, August 23, 2013

5 on Friday

after taking the summer off and enjoying far too many sonic shakes, i headed back to work out class on monday night. i made it back tuesday and seriously, by the time i was crawling into bed that night, i wanted to cry because my body hurt so bad.  i'm counseling myself with the fact that all of the other regulars were complaining about how sore they were too, so at least i know the work outs were hard and it's not totally that i'm that out of shape.  here's hoping this becomes a habit again!

i'll share more about it later, but i've tried out a monthly menu plan for august and i can't believe how well it is working out for us. we only at out once last week and are on track to only eat out once or twice this week, plus we've actually eaten all of our leftovers. definitely a success in my book!

speaking of eating, griffin is now in the habit of throwing almost all of his food on the floor. now, i know this is just a part of being a kid, but any suggestions for how to stop it? this morning i resorted to only giving him one sliver of toast at a time to try and curb the throwing and it works up until a point. is it just a phase that has to run its course or can something be done to help teach him we don't throw food?

guess what? i got myself a job this week! i'm going to cook the wednesday night meal at our church for the children and jr. high students. it's only a couple hours of work but the extra money will be just the right help for us.  if you have any good recipes for cooking for a big group, please send them my way!

griff and i are headed to lubbock tomorrow to have a shopping day with my mom. i'm hoping to get some items for his birthday party and lots of material for projects we have around the house.  it will probably be a full day, but i'm hoping to get a lot accomplished!

what's been going on in your world?


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  1. Oh my GOSH-- Isaac is doing the food throwing thing too! It's maddening! I scold him with a stern voice and a "no" and he'll shake his head no, grin really big, and throw another fistful of food to the floor. Ugh! I think he enjoys giving the dog a snack. Meanwhile, I'm just putting almost everything he eats on a fork and feeding him that way. Crazy boy!

    Let me know if you hear any good tips!


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