Friday, August 17, 2012

insta friday 22

sigh. can a prenatal massage become a weekly occurrence? loved getting to "meet" sweet mr. whaley tonight!

if you live in abilene and you haven't been here yet, fix that asap! they offer a fantastic prenatal massage! {thanks to cody for spoiling me with it!} // "meeting" mr. whaley for the first time! glad he's home and doing good!

Don't forget to support Callie's Lemonade for the Cure! Till 12 at the Olive Garden parking lot. say hello to my new mom purse. keys, phone, debit cards. give me a diaper bag and i'm all set!

stopped by to support callie. she's a 3 yr old who is in remission from a brain tumor and did a lemonade stand to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House in ft. worth. they raised $3,600 in just a few hours! // my new mom purse! just big enough for keys, debit cards and cell phone. throw it in the diaper bag and i'm all set!  {if you're not signed up for vera bradley's mail outs, you're missing out! they send out a $20 coupon during your birthday month so this cutie cost me about $10!}

Boy behind me in line saved up his allowance to buy this gem. I am afraid this is a glimpse into my future. some days are just a sticky note kinda day.

boy behind me at hobby lobby was buying this gem the other day. i may have prayed on the spot that griffin would have a huge fear of snakes so that this would never be my future. i'm guessing that mom needed some me time, and dad took the kids shopping with their allowance money: the boy with the snake, a girl buying what looked like an empty perfume bottle, and the youngest son with a train set. cody and i agreed that the boy with the train set was obviously the smartest! // some days at work are just sticky note kinda days. thankful i've marked all of those off my to do list!

cupcake. it's what's for breakfast. {dr.'s orders!} photo 1.JPG

tuesday was a cupcake for breakfast kinda day, thanks to the dr.'s orders! every tuesday we go see the high risk ob and have a sonogram & sit on the heart monitor to listen to griffin for about 30 minutes. they tell me to eat a sugary breakfast so that he will be active and show a wide range of heart beats, so this week I obliged! of course, this would be the week that as he was doing my sono, his cell phone rang and it was my ob. he asked her when she was going to deliver this baby and she said, as soon as she stops eating cupcakes for breakfast! guess there are some downsides to having your ob follow you on instagram! //  i still have my brother and sister in law's rehearsal dinner invitation hanging on our fridge. {who cares that it's two years old?} good thing i can now hang their gender reveal invite next to it! fun to see the princess and the pro theme come full circle!

photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG

 should i be totally embarrased that i got this email from cici's the other day and immeditialey thought, i'm going to have to hit up happy hour during my maternity leave! don't answer that please! // raspberry sweet tea  from sonic has been my pregnancy splurge. this past weekend cody picked one up for me and from the first drink, i knew something was off. each swallow was crunchy, which is not right for tea. i ended up pouring it out and found this at the bottom. that would be at least a 1/4 inch layer of pure sugar. um.. gross.

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  1. I LOVE Cici's! Why are the great happy hours during the workday?


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