Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let's Hear It For The Moms

Cody and I were very blessed to receive a large amount of hand me down clothes from some friends of ours. We are nice and stocked up with a wide range of sizes for our little man. Last week, as Cody worked on sorting them into sizes so that I could wash them this weekend, we both noticed that baby clothing has a tendency to make grand declarations about parents.

More specifically, little boy clothing makes grand declarations about Dad. Things like:

Daddy's My Hero!

My dad's outta this world!

Dad's my rockstar!

Out of the 50ish pieces of clothing we received, there are at least 15 that say something great about dad. You know what they say about mom? The ONE piece of clothing that talked about mom said:

Mommy's Little Buckaroo

Um, excuse me? We do all of that work and get "Mommy's Little Buckaroo?!?!" But dads, who don't do much besides the honey do list, get all of that praise?!?! It just seems wrong to me! So I decided to create my own line of mom onesies.

They will range from simple statements:



to a little competitive throw down:


some honest truth (at least for a crying baby):


I'll also throw in some pop culture to keep it fresh:


And of course, I wouldn't completely cut dad out of the picture:


and my personal favorite:


I'm expecting these to take off and become the latest baby phenomenon :)  

Tell me readers, what would you put on a onesie?


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