Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eat Mor Chikin 2012

{we had a whirlwind weekend with a great baby shower but limited internet access.once we were back in town I immediately unpacked and repacked for a work conference, so eventually I'll get caught up on all of the blog posts I have stocked in up my head. here's the first!}

Y'all. You know Cody and I have a great love for Chick-Fil-A. It started in our first year of marriage through the Names and Numbers phone book, which supplied a hefty amount of coupons that majorly helped with our newly married budget.

Those coupons instilled a deep love within us. Coupled with our {not newly married but now expecting a baby} budget, we're not ashamed to do stuff for free CFA. So every year, we look forward to Cow Appreciation Day with great expectation.

This year was no different. We eagerly counted down the days:

photo 1.JPG

dreamed of our costumes:

prepping for a big day tomorrow. #eatmorchikin

practiced our mooing and got ready for the big day!

We actually ended up grabbing breakfast because we both had busy days at work and had dinner plans with family. I am 99% positive we were the first people to walk in dressed up! Even though we got some funny looks from the other people, Cody and I wore our cowfits with pride and greatly enjoyed our free chicken biscuit!

started our morning off right! #eatmorchikin #cowappreciationday

I do have to give a special thank you shout out to Bamps for this wonderful gem of a vest!

photo 2.JPG

He found it last year at a thrift store and spent a whole whopping $1 on it, specifically buying it so that I could wear it for Cow Appreciation Day! If that isn't love, I don't know what is!
One of the employees asked to take our picture before we left the store and laughed when she realized who we were: apparently we were on the board from last years Cow Appreciation Day!

photo 3.JPG

Can't wait till we celebrate next year with our little calf!

{here's our previous cow appreciation days: 2009 and 2011. we missed 2010 due to my brother's rehearsal dinner. i tried to convince my parent's that they would save so much by taking the wedding party to CFA, but some how no one else went for the idea!}

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