Thursday, June 14, 2012

insta friday - 19

here's what we've been up to lately...

promised someone a chocolate shake if he'd get out of my ribs. we're both happy now.      looking' good @leidch06!   

promised someone a chocolate shake if he'd get out of my ribs. we were both much happier afterwards! //  working on a t-shirt blanket for a college friend

homemade ac courtesy of @codyneinast to keep a pregnant lady cool this summer!     cleaning house to get ready for our little man. i have *absolutely* no reason to keep this, but it just seems so wrong to throw it away!

my homemade ac thanks to the hubby //  i have no reason to keep this but it just seems so wrong to throw away. 

don't you think kota needs some bling?     livin' the life.

found these bling-ed out dog collars and thought kota might need one. {don't worry, i resisted!} // someone needed to be up close and personal {you can't tell from the photo, but i was laying on my side and he was wedged under my belly. silly boy!}

another pregnancy milestone down: the glucose test!     watched the video. slightly freaked now!

a pregnancy right of passage: the glucose test. the lab worker looked at me like i was crazy for wanting a picture, but all for the love of instagram! {and i found out this week that i passed. whew!} // watched the epidural video circa 1980. i am a little scared now.

masking tape on the wall. isn't this how everyone figures out where their shelves should go?     looking for the perfect piece...

using masking tape to figure out where the shelves should go on the nursery walls // cody looking for the perfect piece of wood. i should have taken a picture of how many pieces didn't make the cut!

bought fabric for the nursery curtains last night. worker said : you must be having a girl!  actually...     someone gets very protective when sophie is here.

fabric for the nursery! //  someone gets a little bit protective of me when sophie is around! 

cornice board in the making.     cliche double rainbow pic. so thankful for the rain!

cornice board in progress // a double rainbow after a nice evening shower

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  1. Aw, dog cuddles are the best! I couldn't throw that box away either! Have a great week!

  2. I love how your t-shirt blanket looks! I am in the process of collecting my kids' sports shirts/jerseys for a project like this someday. It's nice to actually see one done :) Also, chocolate shakes were my only major craving while I was pregnant... good choice!

  3. hahaha, i have a drawer full of tiffanys boxes that have been gifts over th years and i can't seem to throw them away either. whats wrong with us...? i think its just the fact that "what if..." i never get another!

    :-) im a new follower too.


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