Wednesday, April 11, 2012

19 Weeks!


Size of Baby: According to Baby Center, our little man's sensory development is exploding! His brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. He's weighing in at about 8 1/2 ounces and measures 6 inches, head to bottom — about the size of a large heirloom tomato.

- This past week has been good. Thankfully the swelling I had last week seems to have gone away. I am now having back and knee pains at night as a result from only being able to sleep in one position. Looks like I'm going to be creaking and hobbling like an old lady now!

- I needed a pickle snow cone over the weekend. Cody doesn't mind cravings like that though... they're cheap!

Maternity Clothes:
- I am starting to make the switch over. I bought two pairs of pants from Motherhood Maternity this weekend, along with getting in some maternity clothes I ordered from Loft. (Thanks Mom!) After wearing the pants to work, I totally understand why ladies never want to switch back. It's so comfortable!

- Other than the knee and back pain, sleeping pretty good.

Highlights Of This Week:
- The three day weekend. If only every weekend could be that long. You have one day to totally relax and play, one day for housework, then a day for church and prepping for the next week!

- A full day date with Cody which included new clothes, The Hunger Games, Chick Fil A, and starting to plan for the nursery! We picked up some paint swatches and started looking at items we want to purchase.

Funniest Dream Of This Week:
- I dreamed again that one of my friends announced their pregnancy to me. It was the same friend that I dreamed about last time, but thankfully, this time her husband was the father. :) The funny thing is, I remember that they were sitting in a field of bluebonnets when they FaceTimed us to announce. (If you're not from Texas, the bluebonnet is our state flower. Right under the law where it says you can't pick them is another that says you have to take a picture in a field of bluebonnets during the spring. May sound weird, but it's really pretty!) I know that I must have had this dream because she just put up their Easter pictures... which were taken in the bluebonnets!

Looking forward to:
- We see a specialist on Friday to have a fetal echocardiogram done to see if our little man also has a heart condition like I did. I am hopeful for good news, but it's always nerve wracking. We would definitely appreciate your prayers that his heart looks healthy and normal!


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