Thursday, February 9, 2012

Insta Friday - 16

Picnik collage

are you joining in with the #febphotoaday challenge?
I missed out on january but thought it looked fun. here's what I have so far:

1. my view (traveling again)  2.  words (guilty pleasure) 3.  hands  (driving my awesome rental)
4. 10 p.m. (on the road with my favorite travelin' partner) (missed 10 a.m.)  5.  dinner (always a fav) 6.  buttons (livin' the hotel life)  7.  sun shine (a check worth double of what I was expecting) 8.  door (outside/inside) 8. stranger  (I technically missed the day for stranger, but this seems to fit :)

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life rearranged



  1. Nice blog, I will join in with the febphotoaday challenge. Exam Dumps

  2. Very cool. I like the inside and outside of the door idea!


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