Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The #1 Rule For Men.

Thanks for all of your sweet comments from yesterday! I'll do a more thorough soon with all the details, but for now, enjoy the first of what I'm sure will be many funny stories over the coming months!

Several weeks ago Cody and I had a conversation that went like this:

me: Bummer, I've got a fair on Valentine's Day. Looks like we won't be together.
cody: Really? I've got one on my birthday too. No celebrating for us.

Missing both his birthday and Valentine's day just seemed too sad, so I decided to crash his traveling, tag along with him and do some high school visits while Cody did his thing at his fair. This is definitely the perk of us both being recruiters. We split the travel cost, work during the day, then play at night in the great San Antone! Plus, I get to sleep in the car this way :)

On Monday, I was finished with my visit and had thought I had a few minutes to spare before needing to pick Cody up, so I figured, what better place to spend the time at than Forever 21? (side note: F21 has some fabulous bright colors right now. they are speaking my love language!) Just as I entered the dressing room to try on a large stack, Cody calls to say he's finished and ready for me to pick him up. I hurry through trying stuff on, find a few items I need but don't have time to wait in the long line. Plus, this F21 had a large selection of guy's clothes, so I knew Cody would want to come back.

I found one of the guy's workers near the front desk and asked if he would hold the items. Here is our conversation:

me: Excuse me, can y'all hold items?
worker: Well, yes, we can, but only for like 30 minutes to an hour. Really, you'd probably have a better chance just hiding it somewhere, but you didn't hear that from me.
me: Oh really? Ok, well I need to run across town to go pick up my husband and I am definitely coming back, I just don't have time to check out right now.
worker: (looking around) Well, we are pretty busy right now, I don't think they'll notice if it's there for more than an hour. Plus, you're pregnant right? They can't put the pregnant lady's clothes back!


For real.

Now, I'll give you that I was wearing a baby doll dress that even on the skinniest of all ladies, just has a pouffy look to it. But right now, I'l definitely looking more like I need to lay off the donuts and not so much like I'm with child. I told Cody the story and we got a good laugh out of it on the way back to F21. Once there, I headed up to the counter to grab my clothes.

As if the man didn't make the biggest mistake of all time by asking a lady if she was pregnant, on the tag to hold my clothes, he definitely wrote to hold the clothes for Abby +1, then in big letters across the bottom: SHE'S PREGGO!

Looks like I might be retiring that dress for right now :)

{I saved the tag but seem to have lost it in the abyss of my purse sadly. Here's hoping I'll find it soon!}


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  1. Oh my word! That's awful & hysterical at the same time!


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