Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mini Apple Pies

You know what makes for the best lazy Saturday morning? When your husband is out of town so not only do you get to sleep in as late as you want, but once you wake up, you have full control of the tv remote. Which leads to you watching the opener of The Pioneer Woman's new season of her cooking show. Which leads to you craving apple pie at 9:30 in the morning.

This story could also be titled, "If you give a girl a tv remote..."

Then I logged into Pinterest and saw this recipe for apple pie and I knew my day would not be complete without it. Lucky for me, apple pie just happens to be the husband's favorite dessert, so by making them for his homecoming, I would win major wife points AND satisfy my own cravings.

Here's the ingredients you need, all based off of what I had on hand in my kitchen:
pie crust {full package}
2 apples
flour {not pictured}
sugar {not pictured}
3 in. pans

Picnik collage

I started by preparing the apples. Cut into quarters {remove seeds}, then into slices, then into little bite size pieces.

Once those are cut, make a mixture of

1 tbls. flour
5 tbls. sugar
generous dumping of cinnamon
dash of salt {I think the PW did this, so I thought, why not?!}
dash of nutmeg

Add apples to mixture and mix well.


Leave those to marinade while you work on the crust.

Picnik collage

Roll the dough out. I used a plastic knife to very very lightly cut around my pans since I didn't have any type of cookie cutter to use. As you can see, I really should have gone bigger to make them fully fit in the pan, but I'm ok with how these turned out so that I could have more pies.

Add the apple mixture into the pans, then use left over crust to create toppings. These definitely could have been "prettier" had I taken more time to work on the strips, but I wasn't really all that concerned with prettiness just for us. {The full covered top is totally mine. More crust, yes please!}

Picnik collage

{off subject: see how the back of the photo is in focus and the front is blurry? Shout out to my parents for my new lens that makes that shot possible. It is awesome!} 

Top with a little bit of butter, then bake at 425 for 15-18 minutes. I started checking mine at 10 minutes and added time from there.

Remove from pan and enjoy!


Super easy. Delicious. A definite new favorite in the Neinast household!


recipe adapted from here

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