Thursday, August 4, 2011


I take one last look, smile to look brave, and I'm rolled through the swinging doors. The halls are eerily quiet. Eventually I make it to my final destination and it's quiet no more. Everyone hustles and bustles, focused on their task at hand. Checking and double checking all of the supplies - making sure everything is in it's place and ready for the big event. I only had a few things to remember that day - Abby Horrell Neinast. 8/28. A real valve, not mechanical. I repeated it to myself to stay focused, to keep from looking around the room. One look as we entered the OR was all I needed. I could have done without seeing the bypass machine that would keep me alive during the surgery. Eventually the anestheiologist entered the room. 100. 99. 98. 97...

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We're in Dallas right now waiting for JD's surgery to take place. It was scheduled for this morning but yesterday they changed it to Friday due to a sick oncologist. Then we woke up to the news that the surgeon had a heart attack. Thankfully JD and Kacy were able to get an appointment with the doctor who did Matt Chandler's surgery. We're praying now that they can get something scheduled with him ASAP.

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Wile the situations are different, praying and waiting for JD's surgery had brought back so many memories and emotions of my surgery. It's so humbling and encouraging to see how far spread prayers can extend. And even though we don't understand the situation and why things are unfolding the way they are, we can still cling to God and know that he is in control.
Thanks for praying for our families. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.



  1. Continuing to pray. It's so hard to understand the why in the midst of tough situations. Praying for God's presence and peace to be evident in mighty ways during this journey! <3 yall!

  2. well i rarely leaves comment on any site but your blog is really so amazing that i can't stop myself from making comment on it...


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