Saturday, August 6, 2011

Solution: Chips & Salsa

We've had quite a long week and needed some Chili's chips and salsa to soothe our exhausted hearts. Surprisingly enough, the restaurant wasn't busy at all and we immediately were seated. If you've been reading a while, you may remember that we don't have the best of luck with Chili's, but we had a gift card and were feeling adventurous tonight. We ended up sitting in the same bad luck section, but thankfully we could tell from the beginning that the waiter was much better than what we've had in the past.

One of my favorite things about eating out at restaurants is people watching around us. I have to be careful that I don't spend too much time watching {and crossing over into that borderline creepy territory!}

Tonight was no exception. We ended up next to a sweet family that was out celebrating their daughter's 15th birthday. {Side Note: will not celebrate my birthday at Chili's, as they shout your age AND make you stand up in the booth and dance while they sing to you. Pass.} We actually had a short conversation with them early in the dinner, laughing about the music, as someone in the restaurant turned up the music WHICH MADE IT REALLY EASY TO HAVE A NICE CONVERSATION OVER DINNER.

Long term, they probably wouldn't have made a big impression on us, but as they were leaving for the night, the mom came up to our table and said the following:

I just want you to know that it is so refreshing and encouraging to see a couple who prays before their meal. I was watching yall tonight and saw when they brought your food out and how you immediately stuck your thumbs up and I just got so excited because we do that!* We've watched a lot of couples who don't talk at all and spend the whole meal on their phones, so it was so nice to see yall interacting and talking all night. I'm so glad my daughters got to see such a godly example and I just wanted you to know I appreciated it!

It caught us off guard, but it was a nice encouragement. And, when the waiter brought our ticket, he said it had already been taken care of! {just kidding! that would have been a fun twist though!}

I've had times when I've tried to reach out and talk to strangers and it's been very awkward and super funny. {Remind me to tell you about the Wicked/Galindafied story!} But, I find that the majority of people enjoy a confidence booster when they receive a compliment, even if it comes from a stranger. It always makes my day better when someone says something nice to me, even when I don't know them.

So, step out of your comfort zone and find a stranger to compliment this week! {And let me know if you want to buy our dinner sometime!}

*yes, we have a competition over the dinner prayer. last one with thumbs up prays!



  1. What a good reminder to take the time to complimented others, a kind word makes a big difference.

  2. Aww I love stories like that. I'm glad she came up and said something to you!

  3. I LOVE this! (and doesn't everyone do thumbs up?!?!) We are Ana example everywhere we are. Such a good reminder!


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