Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Do you pin?

Pinterest has become the latest addition in my life. I'm sure you've heard of it already, but it's basically an online bulletin board. When you find something on a website you like, you can "pin" it to a certain board so you don't forget about your inspiration.

Here are some of my latest pins. {I'm working on decorating our patio, so these are ideas for it!}

I also have some recipes pinned that I'm anxious to try.

Source: None via Abby on Pinterest

If you're bookmarks are getting out of control, join the world on pinterest!

{shoot me an email at abbyneinast at gmail dot come if you need an invite!}



  1. Love love pinterest. It's so neat!

  2. I love Pinterest! And I love that patio chair with the damask top. Going to repin it now! ;)


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