Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well I didn't get all of my outfits photographed for this week, but I definitely did better than last week! Here are the goods:

Thursday {work to date night!}

{right after work - and meet dakota}


blazer - J.Roberts in Ruidoso, NM {fabulous Christmas gift from my parents}
shirt - Forever 21 {december}
peacock pin - Loft {september}
jeans - Aeropostal {years ago}
flats - Target {several months ago}

And here's my outfit ready for date night:


I put on some nice jeans (gap last year), a pair of heels (Clarks last year) and spruced up my makeup and felt ready for date night. It may not look at that different from far away, but check out these close ups:

Here's my makeup after work: {strategic placement by Cody & Kota}


And here's my make-up spruced up:


Here's a close up of my eyes:

Makeup can make all the difference for date night!

Saturday: {a little different, I know, but I felt great!}


sweater: Loft {october}
shirt: Kohls {too many years ago to remember!}
peacock pin: Loft {september}
shorts: Loft {current. if you need denim shorts, these are the shorts you want to buy! i own two pairs and would buy 5 more. BEST SHORTS EVER.}
tights: Walmart {september}
boots: Target {last year}

I spent most of yesterday in workout clothes and a hat because we had the day off and I didn't want to shower. Trust me. You don't want to see pictures.

{please appreciate that kota is looking at me. in a picture. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN PICTURES PEOPLE! wiww miracles!}


cardigan: Old Navy {september 2009}
top: Loft {december 2009}
belt: Express {december - Christmas gift from parents}
pants: Target {again, too many years to count}
shoes: Target {several months ago}
necklaces: handmade and bought in Fredericksburg

While I'm still getting into the habit of taking daily pictures and finding a fun way to showcase everything, I did stop to laugh at myself this week and think, "This is like the grownup, acceptable version of taking personal Myspace pictures!" And then I giggled at myself. Maybe you're not brave enough to admit it or post the pics, but we all know we've done some crazy posing to get the best shot for WIWW.

I'm not too proud to make fun of myself. Here's this week's best Myspace shot:

Don't worry folks. There's more where that came from next week!



  1. You look adorable...I love the MySpace reference! Only your lips would be in a kissy face and you would be flashing a peace sign.

  2. I'll work on that for next week Dee! :)

  3. LOVE the last one!

  4. Looking good honey, love the eye make-up. I am with Dee kissy face and peace sign next time please. hehe. Have a great week. axx

  5. You are adorable!! I love those brown boots too! Have a great week :)

  6. ooo...adorable. LOVE the last outfit and what a fabulous necklace! WIsh I was better at makeup- your date night look is incredible. Thanks for sharing

  7. Love your make up. I'm not good at make up at all!

  8. You're so cute! Love the shorts with the tights!

  9. Love that animal print belt!

    Thanks for your comment too.

    OLd Navy drives me batty now since their quality has dropped so much but if I can find stuff for $4, count me in!

  10. Wow, you have GREAT style!! I love your leopard belt, feather pin and great jewelry. And darnit, if you lived closer you could come over and do my makeup when I have date night!

  11. love the eye makeup shot!


  12. You are too cute!! Love your last outfit!

  13. Wow I love your makeup!! GREAT outfits, and rocking the shorts over tights look too! Brave (I'm a chicken) and cute :)


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