Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

Do you want to know the best way to start your weekend off? Being forced to clean your house on Wednesday night for company so you don't have to clean it over the weekend! Seriously. The greatest feeling ever!

We've had a very wonderful day that was just the right touch of relaxation and and productivity. Cody's already back in the swing of spending time working on homework but he was able to take a short break so we could take advantage of the beautiful weather and entertain Dakota.

We decided to try out Abilene's new dog park.


I was a little worried about how Kota would behave at the park. Over the holiday break, he finally learned how to play and interact with my parent's dog, yet he thinks that you have to bark loud and frequently to show how much you're enjoying playing. So you can imagine why I was afraid we were going to be "that family" at the dog park who couldn't get their dog to stop barking.

It was the exact opposite of what I expected. Kota was terrified of most of the dogs, specifically this one:


Yeah. The uber tiny dog that weighs less that 5 lbs.

In his defense, that dog was super hyper and was all over the place. It was really funny to watch Kota run in fear any time the tiny dog would come near.

Kota spent most of his time standing near us observing what was going on.


It was out of control windy and I think eventually he will warm up to the other dogs.

He did reach out a little to others, you know, in true dog fashion:


But hopefully next time, he'll spend more time playing with the other dogs and not doing this every three seconds:




  1. HAHA! I love the dog park pictures! We have some of the same issues at the dog park!

  2. Oh my word, the dog park has become Knox's saving grace! He is a happier {and less annoying} dog when I take him there regularly. I can't wait to hear how Kota's dog park personality takes shape. Knox is the "wanna-be" dog- as in, he wants to be everybody's friend and will jump into other dogs' playing but isn't ever totally included. It's both sad and hilarious :)


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