Thursday, November 4, 2010

No Blog November? Oh wait..

So the other day I casually mentioned to Lauren that I think there is a challenge that you're supposed to blog every day in November. At the point I told her, I was only 1 day behind in the deal. She and I agreed that it would be a challenge, but sounded fun. I was then put in charge of getting Krystal on board with the project and we would all start on the same page (even if it was behind.)

Well.. it's not Nov. 4 and I'm even more so behind on the deal, AND I forgot to talk Krystal into doing it with us. Oops. Lauren is talking the challenge by storm though, so I feel like if she can do it from Brussels, the surely I can put together a few posts here in the USA.

Life is finally slowing down, at least for me :) I finished up my travel season last week and I'm thankful that I'll now be stuck in Abilene for an extended period of time. Cody is not going to know how to handle having me around all the time! Things are still busy for Cody. If you ever want to know what he is doing, I can pretty much guarantee what the answer is going to be: homework. Seems like morning, noon and night, he always has another assignment to complete. Now we are both just counting down the weeks until the semester is over and it's Christmas break.

Well, this could probably be the officially worst first blog to kick off a month of blogging. But, I had to do it just to keep a certain someone from making comments about me not participating! Be on the look out for some great picture posts to come!

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