Sunday, January 25, 2009

Diet Blunder and Economical Wonder

I love the weekend, but i sure do hate the Sunday night feeling when sadness creeps in and you know you can't keep Monday from coming. I figured it out on Friday night that from January 23 until the first of March, I will only have one Saturday off. The others will be spent waking up too early for work. Humph.

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After working yesterday morning I headed to Walmart to stock up on food, as I am a bad wife who did not go to the store before leaving my husband alone for 3 days, causing him to eat a mis-mash of foods in my absence. Being that there's only 6 days left in the month, the cash in the monthly food envelope was getting pretty slim. And because I have my priorities in order and know that eating Chick-Fil-A on Wednesday nights is one of them, I had to be thrifty with my purchases at Walmart.

So I went to get my taco soup fixings, which will serve as my lunch for almost the next two weeks.

Here's what you need and a rough cost estimate for what I can remember:

3 cans 16 oz. mexican style chili beans -$.62 each
1 can 16 oz corn $.44
1 can 15 oz tomato sauch $.96
1 can 15 oz diced tomatoes $.88
1 can 4.5oz green chilies $.68
1 packet taco seasoning $.52
1 packet dry ranch dressing ( I already had this so I don't know the cost of it)

You dump all this into a pot with 1 1/2 cups water and 1 lb of meat. I already had the meat so I didn't have to figure it into my cost, so for roughly 6 dollars I'm getting nearly 10 meals out of it. And even better, 1 cup is only 3 points! You should definitely try it. Cody was a little scared when I told him I was making taco soup, but he loved it!

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Last night we went out to enjoy a Chili's gift card we received as a Christmas present. Now Saturdays are my not as hard core diet days, and its usually on Saturday that I use the 35 flex points you get on WW. Being the prepared dieter I am, I looked up points online before getting there so I would know my healthy options to eat. We got there, sit down, and the waitress spills Cody's sweet tea all over are table, and as she cleaned it up, apparently she took my will power with it. Because I threw my healthy option out the window and ordered some of the new sweet chile chicken crispers. And then I kept calling myself Miss Piggy for the rest of the night for eating them, but dang, they were good.

Fast forward to this morning and I started feeling guilty about not tracking those points. So I pulled up faithful to see how many points they would be, and the *regular* chicken crisper plate, with no sauce on it, is FORTY SIX POINTS. FORTY SIX.

In case you are not all that familiar with WW, I get 20 points a day for my current height and weight. Um, yeah, so consuming two and a third's day all at one sitting is mind boggling. And a huge no no. The only consolidation I had was that I didn't eat the corn or fries, so really my chicken alone was probably only 27 points.

I'm gonna go cry now.

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  1. That recipe sounds yummy! I might have to try that. I need to get back to tracking my points. I've been really bad lately! Oh, I bought 3 scarves at Walmart today (pink, obviously; black, & ivory0.

  2. Don't beat yourself up. So you slipped...tomorrow is another NEW day!

  3. (this is not a good dieter speaking...)
    Its ok to "fudge" once in a while, just don't overindulge ALL the time (or more than like, twice a week)

    I'm not in any way shape form or fashion a runner, or jogger for that matter, so props to you for your 18 minute jog-a-thon!!! If you're looking for a walking thing, the PE teacher at one of my schools suggested I get the Leslie Samsone's "Walk off the Pounds" videos. I grabbed the $10 one at walmart--its something like, "Walk off the pounds and super walk." (there are a WHOLE lot more versions at Target)

    I always feel dumb doing it because you're just standing in front of your tv walking in place, but it only takes 30 minutes and you're not walking the WHOLE time. There's a "stretchie" in the DVD case where she has you do some toning too.

    That, on top of not eating SO much (portion control is my problem...) has got me 7 pounds lighter over the last 3 weeks. (and its an EASY workout!!!) If you get tired of jogging, or don't feel like it, this would be a good backup plan. =)


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