Saturday, January 24, 2009

Calling all Masterminds

As I've mentioned before, we received a beach vacation for Christmas. My grandparents allowed everyone to vote for where we wanted to go, and then they told us to watch for the green envelope.

So everyone was anxiously running to the mail each and every day, especially once I heard from my mom that things had been booked.

Last weekend, as I traveled to the panhandle for work, the first clue came. Bami kept going on and on about how it was so easy and she was so disappointed we'd all figure it out so quickly.

Hum. Yeah right.

Here's the first green envelope:

Is everybody ready
to fly the friendly skies?
The destination is unknown,
It'll be a surprise!

Continental is the way we travel
on Saturday, May 30.
So pack your bags and have them there
make sure your clothes aren't dirty.

Watch for your next green clue.

Yeah. So apparently Bami is giving much more brain credit to her family than we actually have.
So clue 2 appeared one week later, and here is what it said:

I'm really disappointed
you all have it figured out
the clue was just too obvious
It's Mexico no doubt

But since I've already made the clues
I'm going to send them out
Some of you might change your mind
and take another route!!

Watch for your next green clue.

So yeah, blogger friends, if you are a mastermind and can decipher these, please help me out!

Actually, most of us are enjoying waiting for the envelopes to come. I'm just worried that I'll be the only one who doesn't figure it out and pack my summer clothes for an Alaskan cruise!

Put your thinkin' caps on for me, and watch for your next green envelope!


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  1. It might be Cozumel... and the only reasons I say that are because its in Mexico and you can get there on a cruise OR by flying...

    I'm anxious to hear about the next green clue though! This is a super fun family game!!! I'm so excited for you guys!


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