Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blogging is the best form of procrastination. As I write this I should be finishing wrapping packages, cleaning the house, or even packing for that week long trip we have coming up, but none of that sounds nearly as much fun as blogging.

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BooMama's Tour of Homes was a great success! I found a whole heap of new blogs to follow and hopefully have a few new friends reading mine too! Seriously, I found a bunch of Texas girls who live nearby or in the panhandle area... I love these connections!

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Yesterday was the two year anniversary of the day I graduated college. It seems so much shorter than that and so much longer all at the same time. I pulled up some pictures for that day, and the general consensus I came up with is that graduation gowns are not flattering. In any shape or form or on any body type.


Oh hello Abby. What is that weird bump right below your diploma? And why didn't I think to put some sort of fake tanner on my legs and feet? Seriously, there is a blinding light coming off from my feet!

And here. Wow. I'm going to act like it was really windy that day and that the wind blew my gown up right as this picture was taken. Yeah. That sounds like a good excuse. In case you don't know me and don't know where I went to school, Hardin-Simmons has an alumni wall with all of its graduating students listed on it. So you have to take a picture by your name when you graduate.

We ended up going to eat at Logan's Roadhouse last night to celebrate some goods new I got yesterday. We actually sat right next to the table where I ate my graduation celebration dinner. Let's just say that I hope the people who were sitting there last night are not a foretelling of my future.

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Shout out to the Biggest Loser last night! I can not even tell you how many times the words "OH MY GOSH" came out of my mouth last night. Nor will I deny the fact that I was totally crying as they showed some of the people's stories. I know that when I was like 30 lbs overweight I struggled with how I felt about myself, so I can only imagine how much that is multiplied with what they weighed. So it was just really incredible to see their transformations both physically and emotionally. And no matter how you feel about her, Heba looked DANG GOOD! I loved her dress, Amy's (the red team) dress, and Stacy's (green team) dress. I'm sure they might be just a tiny bit out of my budget, but I can dream.

And, I am proud that a Texas girl represented and won. Mainly, along with the majority of people I talked to, I'm glad Vicki didn't win. Yes it's a game and you should play it as such, but you can still be a nice person while you're at it!

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Ok, I was just hit with the realization of everything I must get done in the next 2 days before we leave for our Christmas holiday, so I'll go be a tiny bit productive. Hope y'all have a fabulous Thursday!

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