Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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This blog is just a bunch of random thoughts. I'm watching Law & Order SUV right now. I was really planning on showering after Biggest Loser, but then they hooked me with the preview of Elliott getting shot.

At my fair tonight, a girl was seriously walking around carrying a jug of Sunny Delight. If she walked up to my table I was going to call her Juno. She didn't walk up to my table, which was probably for the best.

It was about this time last year that I started getting hooked up in the blogger world, and I have finally decided that I'm jumping the rest of the way in head first. There's many blogs I read yet never comment on, most likely for fear that they're going to say, "Who is this weird girl following my blog?" yet when new people comment on my blog, I love it!

So I'm choosing to believe that everyone blogs because they want to share it meet new people, so I'm headed out to make some new friends!

I wish someone was here to enjoy Law and Order with me. And by enjoy, I do mean freak out. They totally just led us to believe that Elliot's family was going to be shot. Oh man, I totally love getting over-involved in t.v. shows!

Ok, I'm off to go cuddle up in my comfy clothes and finish the rest of the show!

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  1. I felt the same way about comments, but I love getting them too, and I've gotten to know some people through blog world that are so great. Just go for it! :)


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